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Heritage Letters

The skilled hands of a Milanese goldsmith master and an old Corona typewriter from 1922 purchased in the early 90s in a New York antiques market, are the starting point for the creation of the Heritage Letters jewelry collection of 2010 l.e.

The bakelite keys of the 1920/40 writing machines are transformed into vintage jewelry: rings for men and women, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and buttons made of 925 silver and 9 or 18kt gold.

A collection that is constantly enriched with new creations designed by Cristian Sutti and handcrafted and made to measure.

Fake Kit

An innovative kit conceived by 2010 L.E., to help with your online purchase of the Heritage Letters ring.
For no extra charge we will send you a kit containing two measurement bands, two wax rings for a trial run and a print of all the available letters.
In this way you can design your very own, handmade, personalized and limited edition ring.