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How to give new life to these history-filled objects?

This is how we started: with the search for unique and original pieces, antiques and modern antiques to be revisited in a modern way and adapted to today’s needs.

Creative reuse allows us to revive the past in the present because every vintage object has a soul, a story to tell.  We thus give them a new life and a new functionality, always following the principle of eco-sustainability.

We make accessories and furnishing accessories with top quality materials and we choose to work only with expert craftsmen, all strictly Italian.
Each proposal is Limited Edition and dedicated to those looking for unique accessories, sometimes even rare ones, and for those who love to stand out.

Cristian Sutti

2010 Limited Edition is the result of the creativity of Cristian Sutti, architect and industrial designer who has been working in the jewelry and luxury goods market for years.

His passion is motorcycles and travel.  Always looking for creative ideas that are then translated into the collections of his brand.

His idea is to revisit and reinterpret vintage objects in a modern key and obtain a unique and valuable product for the refinement of the materials and the quality of the workmanship.
This is why he chooses to always and only work with Italian artisans and suppliers.

Ideas are our fuel

If you’re a designer and you believe like we do that creativity is the fuel for every great idea, contact us and tell us about your greatest ideas for vintage design.


2010 L.E. was born from a sudden intuition, an idea that sprang during a stroll in one of a flea market: how to give new life to these objects, each one with their own tale to tell?


2010 L.E. was born from a sudden intuition, to revive history-laden objects found in flea markets.