Heritage Letters

The skilled hands of an Italian master goldsmith and an old 1922 Corona typewriter, bought in the early ‘90s at a New York flea market form the starting point for the creation of a collection of vintage Heritage Letters by 2010 L.E.

The Bakelite keys from typewriters from the ‘20s – ‘40s inspire the Heritage Letters collection: vintage rings, for men and women, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks and buttons made in 925 silver or 9 or 18 Kt gold.

A collection that is constantly enriched by new creations designed by Cristian Sutti, all bespoke and handcrafted by a master goldsmith in his workshop, in the heart of Milan.

Silver and Gold Heritage Letters Rings

Ring avaible in solid 925 silver or 9-18 kt gold.

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Silver Necklace Heritage Letters

Elegant customizable necklace with 2 keys


Silver Bracelet Heritage Letters

Silver bracelet with 2 keys


Cufflinks Heritage Letters

925 Silver Cufflinks with 2 Bakelite keys from an old 1920 typewriter. Taylor made