How to give new life to these history-filled objects?

That’s how it all began: with a quest for unique and original pieces, revamped with a modern touch and re-adapted to today’s needs.

Conceived for those of you who seek out unique and at times even rare accessories, and for those of you who like to stand out from the crowd. We create clothing and accessories with first class materials and chose to work only with expert designers and craftsmen, all strictly Italian.

Each proposal is Limited Edition because it derives from unique objects, both modern and vintage. We have chosen to produce only a limited quantity of each article, personalised according to specific needs.

Cristian Sutti

2010 Limited Edition is the creative brainchild of Cristian Sutti, designer and architect with many years’ experience in the jewellery and luxury products sectors.

His passions are motorbikes and travelling, forever on the lookout for creative cues to transform into a new collection for his brand.

His signature concept is creating objects which reveal each person’s individual style, and are especially prized for the fineryof the materials used and the quality of the workmanship: another reason for choosing to work only and exclusively with Italian craftsmen and suppliers.

Ideas are our fuel.

If you’re a designer and you believe like we do that creativity is the fuel for every great idea, contact us and tell us about your greatest ideas for vintage design.

Macchina da scrivere portatile Corona d'epoca degli anni '20

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