2010 L.E. LAB is our creative workshop, geared solely to reclaiming original vintage articles and restyling them with a modern spin.

Vintage articles that, once transformed into home accessories with an industrial design twist, will take on a new life for an all-new purpose

All our 2010 L.E. LAB items are hand-crafted by Italian artisans with a regard for leaving unaltered items handed down to them by time.

Giving you one-off items, in limited edition.

Wireless Radio

Original valve radio from the 1950s with a brand new heart inside.
Thanks to Bluetooth technology this vintage radio can resume its function …. and transmit music no longer with valves but through Bluetooth technology directly from your smartphone.

Tram Light

Retrieved from a Viennese market, these two painted iron items were in use on local trams in the 1930s for identifying city lines and routes.
Thanks to our artisans, they have been transformed into room lamps, with an iron bracket on the rear for supporting a Led bulb, and a parchment shade for a warm glow.
Vintage lighting.

"Recessed" showcases

Seven iron boxes from an 1980s tap factory, and mounted on iron pipes again from the ‘80s, originally used for water pipes.
Our blacksmith has treated for rust with thermosetting polyester powders, to keep their story alive, these boxes have been converted into highly original vintage showcases, great for shops and showrooms.
With an internal LED lighting and a steel plate at the base, that can be customized with silk-screen prints.

Wall-mounted garelli

Two Garelli tanks from the 1980s, red and yellow, and one from the 1960s, recovered from a junk dealer in central Italy, restyled as vintage wall ashtrays.
To leave the history-filled rust intact, they have been specially treated with thermosetting polyester powders by our invaluable blacksmith

Numbered table

Vintage table with Carrara a marble-top assembled with ‘70s house numbers from the city of Lucca, individually assembled by hand. The top has been cleaned and sandblasted to eliminate the ravages of time, with a wrought-iron base.