2010 L.E. was born from a sudden intuition, an idea that sprang during a stroll in one of a flea market: how to give new life to these objects, each one with their own tale to tell?

Vintage Bags

Research, intuition and passion.
Our military bags were born from a discovery of a limited stock from the ‘70s, found in a museum shop.

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Heritage Letters

Unique and exclusively hand-crafted jewellery, made from the keys an old typewriter from 1920

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Orologio vintage "The Pocket Polso"

The stylishness of wearing an old fob as a wrist watch.
The PocketPolso is a limited collection with a vintage flavour.

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L'arte del riuso

2010 L.E. was born from a sudden intuition, to revive history-laden objects found in flea markets.